Hero Testosterone Booster Reviews: HORMONE IMBALANCE IN MEN

If you’re reading a Hero Testosterone Booster review, it’s probably a safe bet that you suspect you have some testosterone deficiency. That’s not really surprising these days. When you reach your thirties, your testosterone starts to decline and pretty soon the effects can be very noticeable.

The Profile of a Potential Customer

Suddenly you feel lethargic or perhaps tired all the time. There’s no spring in your step. It’s as if you’re physically laden or drained.

And it’s not just physical. It can be mental too. You may be experiencing mood swings, or perhaps suffer from a bit of depression.

And finally, you may also be suffering from some sort of libido problem. Maybe you notice that you’re not as interested in sex now, not like when you were younger.

And even if you become interested, it may seem as if Junior down there is not. You may not be able to achieve an erection, or perhaps even maintain it for long.

If any of these statements describe you accurately, then there’s a very good reason your testosterone levels have really dropped off. And that makes you a prime candidate for Hero Testosterone Booster.

What Is Hero Testosterone Booster

Hero Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement designed to put a little more pep in your step. It does this by boosting your body’s ability to produce the testosterone naturally. It doesn’t pump you full of synthesized testosterone.

It was also designed with the use of the Spagyrex process. This was a special process resulting from extensive research on various types of hormone deficiencies. It uses modern technology, but uses the principles of herb extraction and combination developed by the famed Paracelsus, who was a healer back in the 1500s.

The makers of the product guarantee that it only contains natural herb extracts. It contains many of the most popular herbal testosterone supplement ingredients, including the famous Tongkat Ali, Maca, and Avena Sativa.

It doesn’t genetically modified organisms, or any harmful or toxic substances. It’s also gluten-free. And it’s also made in the US.

Pros of the Hero Testosterone Booster

Let’s get right down to the chase. Hero Testosterone Booster has worked for a lot of people, and so there’s a chance that it will work for you. And you can check the seller’s website to see if there’s a money back guarantee.

Of course it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s not all that common to find a supplement or even a medicine that works well for everyone. And even if it does work, it may not work equally well with everyone, and some may see results faster than others.

The purity of the supplement is also reassuring, as it doesn’t have any synthetic additives to cut it. It’s all pure, and harmful ingredients were not added at all.

Cons of the Hero Testosterone Booster

This is not a proper Hero Testosterone Booster review if it doesn’t mention that everyone thought (including those who absolutely love it) that the price is a teeny bit exorbitant. That depends on where you get it, though, and the price ranges from $60 to $90.

A testosterone booster can cause a significant improvement in the quality of your life. A lot of men of a certain age know this. That’s the reason why, when they start feeling old—they’re tired all the time and perhaps their sex life isn’t what it used to be—they find a way to boost their testosterone levels to what it was once when they were younger.


But if you really want to become feistier in bed and in life in general, then you need more than just another pill to pop to boost your testosterone levels.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the more common causes of fatigue and general lethargy—both physical and mental. But modern life these days aren’t conducive to getting enough sleep. People go to work early and then come home late, and even students start losing sleep because of too much homework.

It’s not just that both low testosterone and lack of sleep can cause fatigue. It’s that sleep deprivation itself can lead to low testosterone levels. So if you wish to raise your T levels by taking a testosterone booster, you should also make sure you get enough sleep.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

A lot of bodybuilders don’t like to overindulge on alcohol because it impedes their muscle-building efforts. Part of the reason why alcohol isn’t conducive to building muscles is that it affects testosterone levels. And if you want to build muscles, you’re aware of the importance of high testosterone levels.

When you drink alcohol, your liver produces a substance that messes with the release of testosterone. Your T levels drop, and your inability to produce larger muscles quickly is just one of your problems. So if you think you need to raise your T levels, start by limiting your drinking.

You’re Not Eating Enough Fat

It’s true that you need to cut down on your intake of trans or saturated fats. But you can’t cut down too much on all fats. You still need healthy fats.

A UCLA study found that men who drastically reduced their fat consumption while boosting the fiber in their diet also had their testosterone levels drop by 12%. That’s not good at all.

Reduce the Stress Levels in Your Life

At the very least, stress and low T levels cause very similar symptoms, including fatigue, anxiety, and a low libido. While it’s not yet certain whether stress and low testosterone levels are related to each other, what’s obvious is that many of the ways to reduce stress are also similar to ways to increase T levels.

Some studies however indicate that the relationship is more direct. A study involving guinea pigs found that when the test subjects had high levels of stress, it led to low T levels. Testosterone replacement therapy eliminated the anxiety behaviors.

So if you’re T levels are down, it may be time for a testosterone booster such as Androtrex. Just make sure you make the appropriate lifestyle changes as well.


A lot of men are wondering about taking testosterone pills these days. That’s to be expected, since low testosterone levels do cause a lot of other unpleasant medical conditions. Normal testosterone levels can restore you to normal functions, and even high testosterone levels can help you boost your muscle building efforts.


But there’s some confusion as to which testosterone pill to take. There are good pills such as Androtrex, which encourages your body to boost its testosterone production naturally. Then there are the anabolic steroid pills which some bodybuilders take to really accelerate the muscle-building process.

What’s the Difference?

For body builders, the “natural” pills are a joke compared to what anabolic steroids can do. The natural pills boost testosterone levels from 20 to 50 percent. That may be enough to counter the deleterious effects of sleep deprivation, which lowers testosterone levels by as much as 12 percent.

But that increase in testosterone levels pale in comparison to what anabolic steroids can do.  Even a low dose can boost T levels to 300 percent. A lot of body builders need that much of a boost so that they can have huge muscles in a shorter of time.

The problem with these anabolic steroids (both injected and swallowed as a pill) is that they’re downright illegal. You can get suspended or even arrested when your caught using them. On the other hand, you don’t need even a prescription to get the natural pills.

Why Are Anabolic Pills and Testosterone Abuse Illegal?

There are some legitimate uses for testosterone and even for some anabolic steroids. For example, the testosterone can be used for replacement therapy for those whose T levels are dangerously low. But it is not taken as a pill, because that way it’s dangerous to the liver.

But for the most part, testosterone and other anabolic steroids are considered controlled substancesThat’s because using them can cause a lot of nasty side effects.

Here are some (but not all) of the side effects when you take too much cholesterol

  1. It decreases HDL-cholesterol levels. This is the good cholesterol.
  2. Your testicles can atrophy. When you have marbles for testicles, it may not impress the ladies all that much.
  3. Your sperm count is reduced. If you still want to have children naturally, too much testosterone can be a problem.
  4. Your prostate can be significantly bigger.  Some even suspect that it increases the risk of prostate cancer.
  5. It is toxic to your liver. A lot of anabolic steroids dangerous for your liver, especially if you take them orally.
  6. You may develop man boobs. This is a condition called gynecomastia. It’s not exactly a pretty sight, especially if you wanted to build muscles so you can go to the beach.
  7. You may get severe pimples. Again, it’s also an ironic side effect, especially you wanted testosterone because you want to attract the ladies.

So in all in all, it’s pretty obvious that when it comes to testosterone pills, your choice should be the natural variety.


Hormones are basically chemical messengers which play a crucial role in just about all the important bodily functions. They help support various functions—sleep, appetite, metabolism, cell growth and repair, reproduction, emotional well-being, and a whole lot more. The hormones should be present in the right proportions, and when there’s a hormone imbalance in men the following effects appear:


Sexual Problems

Perhaps the most common sign of a hormonal imbalance in men is that they find some trouble about sex.

  • They may suddenly lose interest in sex. This is a common result when testosterone levels are down while prolactin levels go outside the normal rage.
  • Erectile dysfunction is also another common symptom. Even if they’re interested in sex, they may have problems maintaining an erection. It may even be possible to fail to get an erection in the first place. Abnormal levels of testosterone and prolactin, along with the thyroid hormone, may all lead to this road.
  • Men may not be able to have children. This can be a huge problem especially if they’re still young.  The quality of the sperm or the sperm count may be low. If a man is having unprotected sex for an entire year and still there’s no baby, then infertility may be the real culprit.
  • Men may also suffer from gynecomastia. This is when a man’s T levels are down while his estrogen levels are up. His breasts then become enlarged as a result.
  • Men may even produce breast milk. While this symptom may usually be found on women who are not nursing or breastfeeding, it may also be found in men.

Other Problems

For men, it’s common to regard the sexual difficulties as the most important consequences of their condition. But that’s not all the problems caused by a hormonal imbalance.

They may start losing their shape. They begin to lack energy, and their muscle mass is getting smaller. They may even put on a few pounds around the waist line.

Other physical problems include urinary problems and hair loss. A man may also feel some pain or stiffness in the joints. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are also possible.

Sleeping troubles are also likely. Insomnia is very common, and a man may suffer from sleep apnea. Your breathing while you sleep may start and stop for no apparent reason.

There are mental difficulties to overcome as well. A man may not feel as confident.  They may not be able to focus on anything for long. Mood swings are very common, and that may lead to depression.

How to Restore the Balance

If you have a mild case of these symptoms, you may want to buy testosterone supplements such as Androtrex® to create a more balanced proportion of your hormones. Most of the time with men, the problem is almost always low testosterone levels.

This kind of approach is healthier and much safer than using synthetic hormone replacement drugs. When it comes to raising testosterone to correct a hormone imbalance in men, natural is always best.


The sales of testosterone supplements are truly skyrocketing these days, and experts predict that the demand will only get higher in the future. Annual sales have doubled since 2008. About 1.6 billion dollars were spent on these supplements online, and by 2017 experts feel this figure will reach 5 billion dollars.


But do they really help? When you buy dubious products from unknown manufacturers, it may be doubtful. But if you get reputable brands like Androtrex, then it surely does.

It Boosts the Libido

Most men probably know this already. Still, it has to be mentioned because is so obvious. Any article supposed to list the benefits of higher testosterone levels must include this extremely relevant fact.

In fact, for many men, the loss of libido is the most important (and the most worrisome) result of low T levels. It’s probably for this reason why sales of testosterone supplements have been booming in the first place.

When you’re aroused or engaged in sexual activity, your testosterone levels naturally go up. It’s a cycle, because when your T levels go up your desire for sex increases too. And if you abstain from sex for a very long time, your T levels drop.

With supplements, you may be able to start up the cycle again.

It Improves Your Mood

It’s true that if you have an active sex life your outlooks becomes a lot more cheerful and optimistic. But there’s also a direct link between testosterone and mood swings. And low T levels are a common cause of depression in men as well.

When men undergo this depression, it’s called andropause or male menopause. The connection has been indicated in a Dutch study involving more than 600 elderly men. It was found that those with low testosterone were more like to be depressed as well.

It Helps You Build Muscles

Back in the 60s, scientists fighting the Olympic wars between the US and the Soviets discovered how to synthesize testosterone and other anabolic steroids. This lead to the massive use of anabolic steroids in body building and in sports in general. Now the practice of taking anabolic steroids is considered cheating and breaking the law.

Of course, the practice was just hidden but never stopped. This was even after it was discovered that using these substances caused a lot of rather unpleasant or even life-threatening side effects.

It’s for that reason why supplements such as Androtrex became popular. Using this offers you a natural way of boosting your T levels. It’s perfectly safe and absolutely legal, and you don’t even need a prescription.

It Builds Your Bones

As you get older and your testosterone levels drop, your bone density decreases as well. That increases the risk of osteoporosis and other medical conditions.

A study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has also shown that there’s a link between bone density and your testosterone levels. Men who have low T levels show an increase in their bone density when they’re treated with testosterone replacement therapy.

With all these benefits, you need to take testosterone supplements if your T levels get low. T levels get low.

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